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You can use it to create virtual characters for your games. When you’re done creating them, you can have a 3-D printer make your character. Alternatively, you may download a digital version of your work and set it down on a virtual table. Miniatures are available in a wide range of materials. With the help of an intuitive character customizer, the Hero Forge® platform enables you to create comprehensive tabletop RPG (Role-Playing Game) characters in complete 3D, right in your computer browser.

Best Hero Forge Alternatives:

An online-created character is called Hero Forge. Let’s look at the top Hero Forge alternatives in case you decide against using it for whatever reason. They can all assist you in developing a fantastic character.

1: Eldritch Foundry:

Eldritch Foundry

With the free online tool Eldritch Foundry, you can design and order individualized, realistic miniatures for tabletop games with unmatched levels of realism. Your hero is only minutes away with hundreds of weapon and costume variations, mounted troops, and fully poseable forms. We focus on giving players the tools they need to create incredible personalized miniatures.

These stances are calling for customization because they serve action, serve sadness, and give action! Control your TTRPG experience with Eldritch Foundry minis. In every phase of the conflict, we have your back. Also, read Best Employee Scheduling Software.

2: Desktop Hero:

Desktop Hero

Another excellent Hero Forge substitute is Desktop Hero, which lets you create 3D miniatures on a budget. Thanks to the tool’s many benefits, you can post your creation on different social media platforms. Please create your 3D characters by deciding on their gender, attire, stance, and weapons. Then, you may print them on a 3D printer for free.

With the help of the web application Desktop Hero, you can quickly create custom characters for 3D printing. Starting with a simple 3D figure, you may customize your hero on-screen by adding armour, clothes, hair, and weaponry. After finishing, you may download the file and have a tangible replica of your creation 3D printed to paint it, hold it, or use it in games. To keep on your desk and stare at while you should be working.

3: PCGen:


International 3D miniature production and ordering are both free on PCGen. The software’s most prominent feature is its ability to let you design the ideal character from the ground up for role-playing games like D&D. This Sun Java-based program has a straightforward user interface and can operate quickly and efficiently. In addition, PCGen gives you access to a vast collection of breathtaking features and customization possibilities. PCGen is worth a go if you want to create distinctive and impressive 3D characters.

Your character can be compared to others made by users worldwide. A free alternative to Hero Forge for Windows is PCGen. Since the software is entirely open-source, it is bug-free. You can work on the software nonstop and achieve the most outstanding results. The tool’s user interface is simple and intuitive. Millions of users throughout the world adore and utilize the software. The most excellent Hero Forge alternative is that the program is relatively rapid compared to other online services.

4: Hero Mini Maker:

Hero Mini Maker

Hero Mini should be considered if you’re looking for the most excellent Hero Forge alternatives to make character 3D models. The platform’s user interface is straightforward and intuitive. You can select from a massive variety of more than 100 character traits and accessories. You can customize your character by adding various types of helmets, weapons, stances, characters, upper arms, etc.

The animations in this free hero forge substitute are what set it apart. Adding the described animation background to your character is simple with Hero Mini Maker. You can upload the character online and receive tailored criticism for it. In addition, you may create fantasy statues and miniatures by selecting from a wide variety of helmet styles, weapons, caps, and masks. When creating your miniature, you may easily make minor adjustments to its appearance by selecting an appropriate choice from the library.  

5: Creature Caster:

Creature Caster

The previous proprietor of Ultra forge Miniatures and award-winning sculptor Jeremy Glen’s new miniatures business is called Creature Caster. Large, intricate resin-cast models made by Creature Caster are miniatures. They are ideal for display, war gaming, and painting. My artistic approach is firmly rooted in realism and places a premium on anatomy and proportion. My ideal sculptures have a distinct profile, a harmonious hierarchy of shapes, and appeal from all sides. 

It is crucial to print and cast with high-quality materials. I possess the skills, expertise, and enthusiasm necessary to elevate Creature Caster to the pinnacle of model kits. I need 3D printing to make a computer-generated sculpture a reality. I have experience finding 3D printing, typically used for jeweler and dental applications. Also, read Best Games Like GTA 5.

6: Thingiverse:


Another excellent option for Hero Forge is Thingiverse, which differs significantly from the latter. The portal offers the option to customize any toy or antique in addition to choosing and personalizing a charterer. The platform offers some unique qualities but is less efficient than Hero Forge. You can start by making the desired thing immediately with the tool’s assistance. You can post a custom design or borrow an idea from someone else’s.

The program focuses on size- and complexity-variable articulated 3D models and action figures. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and configurable design, you can quickly build and configure your 3D miniatures to perfectly represent your original ideas. In addition to designing the character’s armour, equipment, and weapons, you can also use it to design the character’s pose, expressions, and face. This makes it an ideal and cost-free substitute for Hero Forge. You may read frank user reviews, one of the portal’s best advantages. You can gather feedback about your idea or avatar through votes, comments, and upvotes. Hero Forge’s rival, Thingiverse, is free, and it’s easy to store and share your ideas on the website.

7: Gambody:


Gambody is the final substitute for Hero Forge that we’d want to discuss. This website has a sizable collection of 3D designs that include characters of various kinds. Additionally, it offers its users the opportunity to print. It is the best location for people who need to buy and sell 3D printing models. Gambody is an internet store where STL files can be downloaded for models from video games and comic books. High-poly 3D model files are incredibly detailed and completely error-free optimized for all 3D printers.

Gambody is the final option we have for a hero forge substitute. Its enormous library of intricate 3D models contains many characters, such as starships, dioramas, dragons, and other animated TV characters. Additionally, it provides consumers with a printable option.

8: Anvl.co:


Anvl. Co is the next company on our top hero forge substitutes list. You can quickly design the desired creature using the website’s extensive library. The platform stands out since it allows you to create a random character with only one click. The following Hero Forge substitute is Anvil. Co has a stylish user interface, a simple workflow, and unique features. With its extensive collection of characters and designs, you can quickly create 3D miniatures and figurines.

Anvl. Co enables you to change all these characteristics, including body shape, face, hair, head, horns, ears, accessories, and other qualities. While creating and changing the character, you can preview it. Save or distribute your work to others via various social media accounts. This is one of the sites like Hero Forge that also offers a unique collection to order miniatures if you don’t want to make your own.

9: Cults:


You can also give Cults, an independent Hero Forge substitute, a shot. An easy-to-use interface and uncomplicated process support the robust collection of almost 65,000 designs in Cults. The website offers a venue for creative expression for both designers and fans of printing.

The Cults website is the final option on our top hero forge substitutes list. The website MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse are reasonably comparable. There are many various items, character figures, miniatures, toys, and other items that will catch your attention. Every page of the website will amaze you because of the collection size. You can choose from more than 65,000 designs based on your needs. The Green Lantern figurine is one of the most coveted items on the Curls platform. There are items in this Hero Forge Free alternative for children, adults, pranksters, and everyone else. You may quickly order specialized goods, items, and miniatures by uploading your designs.

10: MyMiniFactory:


We suggest using the MyMiniFactory to construct a 3D avatar in minutes easily. One of the best Hero Forge substitutes is MyMiniFactory. In addition to characters, this website enables you to design desired accessories, toys for children, and much more. The popular items you might like to purchase are listed on the website’s home page. The quality and intricacy of the product have an impact on the price range. You can find items from the DC and Marvel comic universes and figurines of Pokemon and Marvel characters. This free hero forges substitute offers everything you require at the most competitive costs.

Among the well-known figures on it are Riccardo Minervino, Blastoise Pokemon, and Rick Grimes. Access animated characters and highly detailed action figures with these excellent Hero-forge substitutes. Most of the model is available without charge, but some features could require a paid subscription.


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