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A pitchbook is a sales document developed by an investment bank or company that outlines the company’s key characteristics. The company’s sales staff then utilizes the pitchbook to assist in selling goods and services and acquiring new clients. Pitchbooks are helpful tools that help the sales staff remember vital features and convey them to clients with visual aids.

A pitchbook is a field manual for a company’s sales team, helping them communicate essential points and recall significant benefits. These frequently serve as helpful visual tools when pitching potential customers. The summary and critical characteristics of the selling firm are included in the main pitchbook. Details regarding a specific product or deal are included in product pitchbooks.

10 Alternatives to PitchBook

1: Refinitiv Eikon:

Refinitiv Eikon

You can use financial analysis data with remarkable depth and breadth to make better-educated decisions. On Eikon, a versatile and open platform developed especially for trade innovation, you can communicate with the most significant number of authorized financial specialists. You get open and potent pre-trade capabilities when using Eikon content with our award-winning execution management system, REDI EMS. Eikon is more than just a tool for accessing Reuters’ unique, market-leading news and extraordinary breadth of data. Through trader-focused apps, you may access the world’s largest verified database of financial professionals, with over 300,000 reliable connections cooperating, sharing, and gaining crucial insights. This information will help you comprehend the markets and make critical decisions. Since it’s an open platform, you can create and integrate a massive selection of APIs and apps to receive the data you require whenever and however you require it.

Additionally, Eikon is a stimulus for innovation in the global financial services sector, in contrast to “closed” approaches. Access Eikon from a desktop computer, the browser, or a mobile device to get started. One more download will have you in complete control of the market. To access all the specifics of stocks and a corporate overview, utilize Refinitiv Eikon. I used this program in my present employer, a member of the London Stock Exchange Group member. It does require too much memory to function, and if our computer system doesn’t have enough RAM or memory, it will slow down. I haven’t experienced any adverse effects since then. I use Refinitiv Eikon every day because I want to support the program. Replicating customer issues and stock data validation is done by Refinitiv using Refinitiv Eikon.

2: Bloomberg Terminal:

Bloomberg Terminal

Modern Bloomberg Terminal’s instant access to crucial news, data, and trading tools from any internet-connected PC or mobile device helps users put their knowledge into practice. There are too many shortcuts. Getting started can be challenging for someone who has only recently begun using it. My experience with the program indicates that customizations take longer than average.

Excellent customer service that is virtually always available. The support staff will do whatever to please the consumer. It’s a pleasure to use and has a smooth interface. Instrument prices are updated throughout the day. Detailed information on businesses and the people who promote them.

Management of client portfolios for both stock and funds. We employed it to audit the transactions made. Life was made more accessible by having the option to specify the rules and let the terminal verify them. It is also a thorough piece of software. With this technology’s aid, many tasks we used to complete manually could be carried out. It assisted in automating many manual tasks as we utilized it to code and apply rules. There are numerous shortcuts to keep in mind. Even if Bloomberg AIM was only a tiny portion of the system, there were still several steps to follow. Although somewhat expensive, it facilitated the organization’s end-to-end processes.

3: AlphaSense:


Meet AlphaSense, the top market intelligence and search platform in the world. AlphaSense is a platform for market intelligence used by the world’s most excellent companies and financial institutions to help professionals make smarter business decisions quickly and confidently. Since 2011, our AI-based technology has provided insights from a wide range of public and private content, such as broker research conducted in real-time and after the market closed, expert calls, data from private companies, SEC filings, earnings transcripts, regulatory material, news, and trade journals. Over 4,000 business customers, including the bulk of the S&P 500, rely on our platform. Please visit www.alpha-sense.com for further details.

Excellent customer service was provided by AlphaSense, who always responded to my support ticket and resolved the problem immediately. So I don’t dislike you. Access to the most recent market intelligence news enables me to decide on investing ideas with knowledge. I only need to enter the topic I wish to research, and the platform will cover the rest. A better and more straightforward approach to staying updated on the most recent market and financial data is provided by AlphaSense. Since combining the notification with my phone is more straightforward, it most appeals to me, and I use it daily from my smartphone. Making a comparison analysis is easier for me by combining and integrating all market news and financial analysis under one dashboard. I can also write an analysis report on the subject for the duration I want.

4: S&P Capital IQ Pro:

S&P Capital IQ Pro

About our industries, the S&P Capital IQ Pro platform combines fundamental data with metrics and analytics., critical asset data, mapping tools, regulatory information, and more. The S&P Pro is unquestionably a pro for financials; it assists in supplying data on the companies in any currency, any year, and for both historical and current rates. The S&P platform was simple to comprehend and use, but the pro is challenging, and new terminologies make it challenging to comprehend and use the platform rapidly.

Every financial statistic, including company data, is selectable on the platform with just one click, and there are numerous ways to search for the necessary results. You must continually renew your license to be a part of it, and it is pricey. It gives me a real-time update on the products and businesses I work with and for. Today, we need quick and thorough updates about financial institutions, the health sector, and other areas because it is potent and gives market data. It is all present.

5: Sentieo:

Sentieo by AlphaSense

The first financial intelligence platform created exclusively for the needs of investors’ research is offered by Sentieo, a subsidiary of AlphaSense. Sentieo’s AI-powered financial search engine combines internal and external resources into a shared workspace for a more effective research process. Sentieo is used by more than 1,100 clients worldwide to surface, visualize, and share the insights that give them an advantage. Sentieo is a platform for equities research that combines powerful visualization tools, alternative data, dashboards for equity data, research management, team collaboration, and various mobile apps.

The main advantage of Sentieo is its search function, which allows users to browse an extensive content database. Simple keyword searches and more complex Boolean searches simplify locating the necessary documents or areas within them. The quality of Sentieo’s document and transcript coverage has deteriorated recently. After receiving my repeated complaints, they finally implemented RNS for UK markets (the equivalent of an 8-K). The primary search feature, which used to be their relative strength, has not changed. Their biggest rival, who recently acquired them, has now caught up. I suggest them instead. The financial data provided by Sentieo is less reliable than its rivals. Some essential fields, such as ISIN codes, must be included in its Excel plugin. Additionally, price notifications are only possible if they have real-time pricing information for some essential overseas marketplaces. Although their Screener tool is somewhat effective, it cannot be used “as of” a specific date, a common feature in other platforms.

6: S&P Capital IQ Platform:

S&P Capital IQ Platform

Your one-stop location for a wide range of financial data, analytics, and research is the S&P Capital IQ platform. Our web-based platform combines deep data on businesses, markets, and people worldwide with powerful tools for analysis, idea generation, and workflow management. A complete collection of financial data is available at one location, and analytics and research are available on the S&P Capital IQ platform. Our web-based platform combines deep data on businesses, markets, and people worldwide with powerful tools for analysis, idea generation, and workflow management.

The S&P Capital IQ Platform is very flexible and detail-oriented, providing access to all relevant information about any publicly traded firm, both important and irrelevant. The platform can appear overwhelming to a novice user, and because of its comprehensive toolset, it requires a lot of time to grasp the platform’s nuances to use it to its full potential. I receive comprehensive information from the top financial database S&P Capital IQ, which is helpful for various projects. The team’s efficiency is increased, and turnaround time is decreased because I have easy access to all of their financial filings in one location. Being one of the most trustworthy tools and having a wide range of plugins available to integrate it with other software increases its capability and gives it greater versatility.

7: Dealroom:


Dealroom is a global data intelligence platform identifying the most exciting innovation ecosystems and businesses worldwide. Dealroom, an API-first business with 100+ data points on more than 2M+ startups and scale-ups globally, is made to assist you in finding undervalued businesses, performing in-depth analyses, keeping up with innovation, and much more. Dealroom is a global intelligence tool for finding the most exciting innovation ecosystems and businesses worldwide. Dealroom, an API-first business with 100+ data points on more than 2M+ startups and scale-ups globally, is made to assist you in finding undervalued businesses, performing in-depth analyses, keeping up with innovation, and much more.

Dealroom merely provides a far better user interface and experience overall. The same is true for data; while other suppliers might give comparable levels of quality and quantity, Dealroom makes it simple to identify the data you require, do the required segmentations, and, most importantly, obtain insights that are presented clearly. I need to use Dealroom more to find any evident problems. However, it lacks some of the more advanced features seen in the 10x more expensive services, including the capacity to create cohort and correlation reports. I need to use Dealroom more to find any evident problems. However, it lacks some of the more advanced features seen in the 10x more expensive services, including the capacity to create cohort and correlation reports.

8: YCharts:


A financial technology tool called YCharts offers improved customer interaction and more intelligent investing choices. The 2022 Kitces Report ranked YCharts as the “Investment Data” market leader and the #1 most adopted in the previous year. With a wide range of intuitive tools on a user-friendly platform, Wealth managers can easily communicate their worth to clients and prospects thanks to YCharts. Watchlist and market monitoring completely configurable dashboards: 500,000 economic indicators, 77,000 mutual funds, and 29,000 stocks are all covered in great detail. Line and scatter plot charts, email reports, portfolio tearsheets, Finra-reviewed reports, and downloadable charts are all examples of client communication outputs that can be customized and branded.

Extensive stock and fund screeners for thorough security examination and comp tables for additional security comparison over thousands of financial indicators, qualitative traits, and timeframes. Integrations for portfolio holding and single sign-on with top third-party suppliers. Smooth data transfer between Excel and YCharts.

9: Growjo:


Growjo offers information on privately held businesses that are expanding swiftly. Our platform enables you to exclude businesses based on factors like staff size growth, a particular industry or feature, projected revenue, venture investment, value, rivals, etc. VCs, investment bankers, recruiters, and sales/marketing operations use it to locate fast-growing businesses and source better deals.

I appreciate how simple it is to locate the EXACT list I need. I can search by location, revenue, funding, etc. This capability is transformative for sales teams who are fully aware of their “perfect prospect” from a data standpoint. Nothing up to now! The utilization of everything has been simple. I first had trouble logging in, but after sending a note to customer service, they immediately fixed it. Finding excellent customer service AND “on-demand” automated data is typically challenging. I can immediately pinpoint the businesses on which I wish to focus my sales and prospecting efforts. I combine this with LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a quick cold-calling technique.

10: FactSet Research Management:

FactSet Research Management

The highly customizable and completely integrated research management tools from FactSet ensure your research activities expand with your company requirements. For more than 122,000 users, FactSet (NYSE: FDS | NASDAQ: FDS) offers outstanding content, analytics, and adaptable technology to help them see and grab opportunities faster. We provide investment professionals with the edge to outperform with expert insights, workflow solutions for the entire portfolio lifecycle, and sector-leading support from devoted specialists. We take great pride in receiving numerous accolades for our analytical and data-driven solutions and in consistently being named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For®, as well as the Best Workplace in the UK and France.

An all-in-one financial research platform with a user-friendly design and top-notch customer support is Factset. I start with the company screens and then examine the company snapshot and financial statements in more detail. At times, the software loads slowly. The interface’s settings can sometimes be changed confusingly. The product might be improved by having a more robust settings option on the main page and loading more quickly. Numerous comparable programs are available, ranging in price from free to pricey. Bloomberg is incredibly durable but significantly more expensive. Other solutions are less expensive but less effective. Since I work as an equities analyst, I must have access to a wide variety of financial data. I’ve learned that the Excel plug-in and ability to build custom formulas can provide me access to financial statements from various organizations and reveal which ones do better than others on particular measures.

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