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There are times when you want to view a YouTube video that’s interesting. However, because your assignments or presentations are still due, you inevitably compromise one of them. You can enjoy your favorite videos while working on your homework, so there’s no need to give them up.

The YouTube Mini player, which makes this work more accessible and enables you to view a movie on YouTube while exploring other tabs, will be covered in this post.

Mini-Player Mode: What Is It?

Additionally, YouTube provides its customers with a tiny Mini Mode to access it in a minimized window. However, there is a constraint; the minimized screen will not function if the tab is changed. Websites now employ the Picture to Picture extension to simplify this procedure by enabling users to shrink the player and continue watching the video even after switching tabs.

By selecting the small box button labeled MiniPlayer at the bottom of the player, you can quickly visit the minimized screen on YouTube.

Watch YouTube videos while using another YouTube website’s PC or mobile version.

Web browsers are present on both desktop and mobile devices. To watch videos on YouTube, use the browser to navigate the website. Additionally, PCs and mobile devices may view YouTube on other YouTube websites. You may now see how to do this on a PC, Android, or iOS device.

How Can You Watch YouTube Videos on a Computer While Browsing Other YouTube Sites?

Use YouTube’s mini-player if you want to view YouTube while using another tab on your computer.

Here are some steps:

  • Open a browser and go to To access YouTube’s Miniplayer on your computer, use any web browser.
  • To start a video, click it, launch it in a new tab. Depending on your settings, it should start playing right away.
  • The video should be highlighted with the mouse, making the video controls visible at the bottom. The controls can also be displayed by pausing the video.
  • To launch the Miniplayer, click it. Directly to the right of the gear icon it is the square with a smaller square inside of it. On the YouTube website, this causes a reduced video version to play. The video will resume where it left off on the regular page. To access the controls, which include pausing and closing the player, move the mouse pointer above the Miniplayer at any moment. The Miniplayer will remain in the bottom-right corner of YouTube while you browse; it cannot be moved or resized.
  • Visit the YouTube website. After turning on the Miniplayer, you can browse other YouTube material without pausing or stopping the current movie. The YouTube video open in the same Miniplayer window will be replaced if you click on a different video on the site. Two separate YouTube videos cannot be opened in Miniplayers simultaneously. The three vertical dots display when the mouse pointer is over a video that you wish to add to your queue of videos to view after the one that is now playing has completed playing. While the current Miniplayer video is still playing, click the “Next” button to move on to the following video. This icon resembles a sideways triangle going upward in a vertical direction.
  • Shut down the Mini player to resume standard viewing. Click on the square with an upward pointing arrow in the top-left corner of the mini-player to bring the video back to its original page and size. Alternatively, you can close the Miniplayer by clicking the X in the top-right corner.

Why Doesn’t the YouTube Mini Player Work?

There could be a lot of causes for the YouTube Mini Player not to function.

Several potential causes include:

  1. Miniplayer is not supported for children’s videos: The YouTube Miniplayer’s inability to play kid-friendly videos is the leading cause of its malfunction.
  2. There is no access to the Mini Player Feature: The Mini Player feature is only sometimes turned on on YouTube. To utilize it, you must first activate it. Open the YouTube app, click on your profile icon, select Settings, and tap General to accomplish this. Now activate the “Picture-in-Picture” feature.
  3. The YouTube App Version is Old: The YouTube app on your device is currently out of its most recent version. If your YouTube app is not updated, the Mini Player functionality might not function. Open the app store on your device, search for “YouTube,” and check whether an update is available.
  4. Need help with your device: After updating the app and enabling the Mini Player, there may be an issue with the software or your device if it still needs to function. Restarting your device, clearing the app’s cache and data, or even uninstalling and reinstalling the app may be necessary. You can get more help from YouTube support if the issue continues.

How Can I Fix The YouTube Mini Player Issue?

You can use the following solutions to fix the YouTube Mini Player’s issues:

  • Verify that the Mini Player feature is turned on: On YouTube, the Mini Player feature is only sometimes turned on. To utilize it, you must first activate it. Open the YouTube app, click on your profile icon, select Settings, and tap General to accomplish this. Next, activate the “Picture-in-Picture” feature.
  • Verify That Your Device Supports The Mini Player: On only a few smartphones is the Mini Player functionality accessible. The Mini Player won’t work on your device if it isn’t supported. The list of approved devices for the YouTube app can be used to determine whether your device is compatible.
  • Upgrade your YouTube app: If you still need to install the most recent version of the YouTube app installed, the Mini Player might not function. Open the app store on your smartphone, look for “YouTube,” and check whether an update is available.
  • Try again after restarting your device: You can try rebooting it and then using the Mini Player again if it still doesn’t work; this can assist in resolving any transient difficulties with your device that might be the root of the issue.
  • Delete The Cache And Data From The YouTube App: If the issue continues, you can try deleting the app’s cache and data. To achieve this,
  • Android users should navigate to settings >> Locate the YouTube App and select it >> Click on “clear cache.” The YouTube App’s cache will be removed. If you have an iPhone, go to the settings page. Choose General. Find the YouTube App and select it >> Click iPhone Storage. Click the Offload App button. Install the YouTube app once more, and This can assist in resolving any app-related problems that might be the root of the issue.
  • Reinstall the app after uninstalling it: You can attempt uninstalling and reinstalling the program to see if the issue still exists. To accomplish this, open the Settings app on your device, click Apps, choose the YouTube app, and then tap Uninstall. Then, go to your device’s app store, type “YouTube,” and reinstall the app. You should resolve the issue and restore the functionality of the YouTube Mini Player by carrying out the steps in this guide.

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