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Are you looking to reserve your next holiday rental using a service like Airbnb? Here is our list of over 15 websites where you can look for and book apartments and holiday rentals online, along with our guide to the best apartment booking websites online.

The key to having a nice trip is having a great place to stay, and if you are searching for something other than hotels and hostels, renting an apartment, a house, or a private room can be a fantastic alternative. Instead of booking a hotel, renting an apartment can help you save money, have more freedom, and meet locals.

You can post your property on most of these apartment booking services to make money while you vacation or rent out a spare room or second home. Although Airbnb may be the most well-known website for holiday rentals, there are many more options available, many of which have been around for much longer.

We’ll provide details on more than 15 apartment-booking websites similar to Airbnb and give you hints on how to utilize them so you can always locate the ideal place for your upcoming holiday.

Airbnb’s main Pros and Cons


  • Authentic local experience living: This gives the impression that you live there or at least in a place that seems like home.
  • Excellent offers for extended stays: Hosts will automatically discount you if you stay for 30 days or longer.
  • More extensive than a typical hotel room: The amount of extra space you have with an Airbnb is one of the main benefits of a hotel stay; this is particularly advantageous if you’re traveling with family and require the extra space to feel at home.


  • With rent increases, Airbnb is killing neighborhoods: People with money are purchasing flats specifically to rent them out, thanks to the global success of Airbnb. Locals are evicted from these locations due to rising rent and housing costs.
  • It may not be the most affordable choice: Since Airbnb has become so well-known over the years, they have substantially raised its rates without seeing a significant drop in user numbers.
  • The government has strict regulations on Airbnb: Governments have extensively restricted listings to fight the problem of Airbnb encroaching on areas. Due to this, costs have risen even further over time, making it more challenging for lone travelers to purchase an Airbnb.
  • Sometimes, hosts will approach it too much like a business: Your host may no longer reside in the area where you are staying due to the commercial side of Airbnb. Instead, there will be lock boxes inside the house that contain the key and instructions.

Why travelers need Airbnb substitutes

Thanks to its extensive inventory and user-friendly interface, Airbnb has swiftly established itself as the most well-known brand in the holiday rental sector. Its early success is fraught with difficulties, though. With over 6 million listings spread across hundreds of countries, Airbnb has come under fire for allegedly encouraging overtourism, converting residential areas into tourist hotspots, and making it harder for locals to get reasonably priced long-term rental property. The following issues are the most frequently encountered by Airbnb users, according to a recent study:

  • The level of customer service is below expectations.
  • Scam listings leave renters hanging in the balance.
  • Hosts unexpectedly canceling reservations.  

These difficulties allow Airbnb’s rivals to step up and fill the void. And while some drawbacks, such as inconsistent landlords, can apply to all vacation rentals, these Airbnb alternatives offer some benefits that make them a good choice for your upcoming trip.

15 Best Websites like Airbnb 

1: Vrbo


Vacation Rentals By Owner, or Vrbo, has been active since 1995 and was one of the first websites to link travelers with apartment owners. Additionally, it was the first apartment business that Jessica had utilized to reserve a week-long apartment in France. Currently, the Expedia Group owns and runs Vrbo. They recently changed their name from VRBO to Vrbo (ver-boy) in 2019. The number of listings on Vrbo has significantly increased due to the addition of properties from other Expedia-owned vacation rental websites, including HomeAway and others. Also, read Top Soap2Day Alternatives.


  • Greater average property size compared to other vacation rental websites.
  • Vrbo’s primary attributes of flexibility and privacy enable users to design their exceptional vacation experiences.
  • Easy-to-use search and booking features on a user-friendly platform make reserving the ideal vacation rental simple.

2: – Airbnb Alternative

booking covers you whether you’re looking for a chic hotel or a hip glamping location. The website provides various accommodation choices for whichever vacation mood you choose. You may avoid visiting many websites by using Booking to seek flights, nearby attractions, car rentals, and lodging. This website ensures you have your ideal vacation rental no matter where you are by being available in 43 languages and providing more than 28 million reported lodging listings.


  • Operates in 226 countries and offers services in 43 different languages.
  • There are numerous professionally managed properties with a team working around the clock to assist guests and answer queries.
  • User reviews offer insightful information about a property’s quality, assisting visitors in making knowledgeable choices.

3: Plum Guide


Founded in London only last year, Plum Guide is a new business. Its website presently provides over 10,000 holiday rentals and apartments, many of which are in significant international cities. It has, however, been extending to new locations and now also encompasses homes in smaller cities and rural areas. Peer-to-peer vacation rental website The Plum Guide exists, but the business is far more picky about the homes it lists. To assess whether the hosts are suitable, they send a staff person to meet them.


  • The Plum Guide’s team has carefully chosen and confirmed high-quality properties.
  • Personalized service with a committed group of hospitality professionals to answer any queries.
  • Each stay is memorable because distinctive lodgings represent the regional culture and design sensibilities.

4: Agoda Homes


We advise visiting Agoda Homes if you are searching for accommodations while traveling in Asia. Agoda is a well-known website for booking hotels, but it also provides flats, holiday rentals, bed & breakfasts, and individual rooms in residences. With most of its properties in Asian nations, Agoda offers more than 700,000 apartments and other vacation rentals in more than 50 countries. The hosts of Agoda Homes do not remain on the premises with guests. Instead, they oversee check-in and check-out, offer recommendations for nearby attractions, and guarantee a comfortable stay for their guests.


  • A wide range of properties in various places, giving visitors numerous possibilities.
  • It’s an excellent option for travelers on a tight budget because of its competitive pricing compared to other choices.
  • Supporting hosts and guests, guaranteeing a smooth booking process, and offering Discounts for repeat customers

5: Flipkey


Around the world, Flipkey has many options for Airbnb and holiday rentals. Since TripAdvisor is their parent firm, it melds perfectly with their database of authentic user reviews. You can filter your results by the kind of amenity you’re looking for because their database contains complete information on every property. Most of their properties are holiday homes and vacation rentals. When looking at Airbnb alternatives, FlipKey is likewise renowned for its dedication to customer service. They have a committed team of support staff available to help travelers with any queries or issues. Also, read Best Employee Scheduling Software.


  • Flipkey provides travelers with a wide range of possibilities.
  • The website’s reliable guest reviews assist consumers in making knowledgeable selections when reserving a place to stay.
  • Flipkey provides a safe payment method so customers can shop with confidence.

6: Third Home – Best Rental Site


Third Home will solve your lodging problems if you are sick of traveling on a budget and sleeping in hostels and low-cost hotels. High-end vacation rentals are Third Home’s area of expertise. Mansions, penthouses, and opulent villas are on the table. Furthermore, the requirements are strict for anyone wishing to list on the platform. Your residence must cost more than $500k, be in a prime area, not be your primary residence, and include opulent furnishings. Thanks to the strict standards, you may be confident that only the best properties are added to the site.


  • Fantastic features that offer privileged membership
  • More reasonably priced than comparable offerings on other Airbnb alternatives, 
  • This specialized market offers 14,000 options.

7: Hipcamp


Hipcamp is absolutely for you if you want to lay your head down under a starry sky, and Airbnb and Vrbo aren’t your thing. Although Hipcamp only accepts campers, the listings include various other lodging options, such as tents, RV parks, cabins, and treehouses. Campers’ equivalent of Airbnb. I agree with the website’s creators’ assertion that exposing individuals to nature brings out the best aspects of human nature.


  • For nature lovers, there are many different alternatives for special camping trips in various areas. Even RVs, tents, and other camping facilities.
  • Include a variety of outdoor pursuits like hiking and fishing, which are excellent choices for travelers seeking an exciting getaway.
  • Provides a platform for small, local landowners to rent out their property for camping, supporting local communities.

8: Sonder – Best Airbnb Competitor


Including plush mattresses and miniature toiletries, Sonder combines all the benefits of Airbnb with the atmosphere of a hotel. You never share a space with the owners of any of Sonder’s listed rentals because they are all private-room apartments. Your home will feature a full kitchen and living area that you can use as your own, whether it’s a studio in New York or a massive six-bedroom condo in Montreal. The very effective app from Sonder is one of its best features. The homeowner is rarely required to contact you, but you can use the app to check-in.


  • Luxury accommodations provide visitors with a first-class experience. High-quality residences are beautifully built and furnished.
  • All Sonder locations offer a consistent experience, guaranteeing that visitors can count on receiving the same level of service wherever they travel.
  • Customer care experts are on hand around the clock to help visitors with their problems.
  • The best sites in well-liked neighborhoods give visitors easy access to tourist destinations, dining options, and nightlife.

9: TripAdvisor


One of the best Airbnb alternatives is the well-known travel firm TripAdvisor, which provides vacation rentals in more than 200 countries worldwide. TripAdvisor has lenient cancellation rules, a significant plus for many people whose travel plans frequently change. There are a variety of accommodations available, including condos and villas. Because of the vast amount of data on the TripAdvisor platform, it offers insightful information on each rental through reviews from visitors, property ratings, and thorough listings. Users can interact directly with property owners or managers because the site prioritizes transparency.


  • Travelers have access to various lodging alternatives, including hotels and dining establishments.
  • Travelers may make informed judgments about where to stay or eat by reading transparent evaluations from confirmed customers.
  • A program that enables users to gather points for future reservations or discounts.

10: Vacasa


Due to the numerous AI-driven tools it uses for tasks like organizing post-stay cleans and determining hotel pricing, Vacasa has been dubbed a “tech vacation company.” You can also take 3D tours of the property you’re interested in, and the video quality is so excellent you’ll feel like you’re there. You’ll immediately see that Vacasa is set up with some excellent technology. The facts of your entire stay are written out for you in the app, including WiFi directions and other details, and they also offer 24-hour guest and owner support. Also read Excellent Neopets Alternatives.


  • Prospective visitors can take a thorough virtual tour of the accommodations with a 3D walkthrough. Everyone may have a better idea of the space before making a reservation.
  • Homelike amenities like fully furnished kitchens and living areas guarantee a comfortable and practical stay.
  • With some homes providing extra services like housekeeping or concierge, you can expect personalized service.

11: Blueground


Apartments that can be rented for one month or longer are Blueground’s specialty if you’re seeking a more extended stay. Some of the properties are also available for one-year or longer leases. Apartments provide all the essential utilities and are fully furnished, managed homes. Eighteen significant cities, including New York City, Paris, Istanbul, Chicago, London, San Francisco, and Boston, already offer more than 5,000 units. Even though they are geared more toward business travelers, they can also be excellent for tourists who wish to remain somewhere longer.


  • Apartments that are fully furnished and provide convenient, comfortable living options.
  • Flexible lease terms that can be tailored to different demands and permit alterations to the rental period.
  • This professional management program offers maintenance and support services to give users a good living experience.

12: Expedia – Best Rental Site


Expedia, one of the biggest online travel agencies, owns well-known websites like and Trivago, drawing millions of bookings annually. As a result, Expedia’s website provides outstanding visibility for real estate listings. Expedia serves a far more comprehensive range of customers than other Airbnb alternatives, which only specialize in short-term rentals by providing hotels, car rentals, and flights. Expedia’s listings are less than Airbnb’s, with 510,000 available. Expedia also levies a commission fee of 16.5%, which is substantially higher.


  • Expedia provides reasonable rates and group savings on travel arrangements such as hotels, flights, and holiday packages.
  • Users of the Expedia prizes program can accumulate points on qualifying reservations, which they can use for future travel or other prizes.
  • Travel alternatives for various destinations can be easily searched for and compared thanks to the user-friendly design.

13: Couchsurfing


If you’re on a tight budget and are okay with sharing spaces, Couchsurfing is a unique experience and a fantastic Airbnb substitute. Except for the annual membership, couchsurfing is free! A sizable community of travelers like using Couchsurfing while on the road. In her early 20s, our editor, Mimi, utilized Couchsurfing extensively as a solo traveler on a tight budget to explore Australia and the US. She thought it was a terrific tool. While numerous search criteria are available on Couchsurfing, there are fewer alternatives than on specific websites offering holiday rentals. Among these is the choice to remain with a family.


  • Excellent for budget tourists and practically free
  • Get a local to help you live like one
  • Get your host’s advice on the top attractions in the area you’re visiting.

14: Momondo


Momondo, a less expensive substitute for Airbnb, is a great travel search engine that enables users to compare costs for tickets, lodging, and rental cars from various suppliers. The business was established in Denmark in 2006 and quickly became a top travel search engine. Momondo offers consumers a variety of travel-related content in addition to its search engine, such as trip guides, travel advice, and user reviews. The website’s blog and social media pages are additional well-liked travel guidance and inspiration sources.


  • Thanks to comprehensive search results, users can choose from a large selection of hotel and travel providers.
  • Thanks to flexible search options, users can limit results by price, location, and other preferences.
  • Price notifications inform customers of price reductions or offers on particular hotels or flights.

15: Homestay – Best Apartment Booking Website


A global online travel agency called connects tourists with local hosts who provide lodging in their homes. This less expensive Airbnb substitute was established in 2013 and has its main office in Dublin, Ireland. True to its name, you may get additional local activities and lodgings, like city tours and language classes. Additionally, the costs are reasonable as well. It’s a helpful app for travelers on their own and for students. Sometimes, finding accommodations on Homestay can be more challenging because there aren’t enough hosts in some places, but it’s still worthwhile to look at.


  • Travelers who stay with local hosts have an authentic experience.
  • Personalized touch: hosts frequently provide guests with individualized advice and support while they are there.
  • For vacationers on a tight budget, it is a good choice.
  • Safe and secure, with safeguards to confirm hosts and visitors and offer insurance.

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